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Providing Strategic Representation to Health Care Providers

The government continues its aggressive measures to crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse and other types of improper payments to health care providers across the country. In particular, government investigators have placed a spotlight on the state of Florida, which has long been recognized as a national hotbed for health care fraud.

The attorneys in our Health Care Group closely monitor and assess government and private insurer initiatives aimed at identifying and combatting fraudulent payment schemes. The laws and regulations governing billing and reimbursement practices within the health care industry are exceedingly complex. Our lawyers know that well-meaning health care providers and facilities often get swept up in aggressive fraud enforcement efforts rather than any desire to cheat the system. Unfortunately, when the government identifies an overpayment, penalties can be significant.

When an overpayment dispute with Medicare, Medicaid or a commercial insurer surfaces, we work hands-on with our clients to reach a fair resolution of the matter. Our lawyers collaborate with coding experts to analyze payments so that we can build a solid defense to government and insurer claims that the provider was overpaid.

Handling a Full Range of Reimbursement Disputes

Beyond overpayments, our lawyers represent health care providers in other types of disputes with both the government and commercial payers. These matters range from claims involving underpayments and non-payments to providers to out-of-network reimbursement disputes and other related matters. Knowledgeable in all areas of reimbursement, our health care lawyers are well-equipped to provide strategic representation to providers and facilities that find themselves entangled in disputes with the government and third party payors.

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