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Counseling Clients Facing Health Care Audits and Investigations

In today’s highly regulated health care industry, health care entities and providers risk being investigated or selected for an audit by state and federal agencies tasked with identifying and preventing health care fraud, overpayments and other abuses. The attorneys in Johnson Pope’s Health Care Group advise health care organizations and professionals facing government audits and investigations. We defend clients in all types of matters, ranging from alleged Stark Law violations and HIPAA data breaches to billing and overpayment disputes.

Protecting the Rights of Health Care Clients

When a government auditor requests to see patient health care provider’s medical records or organizational policies and procedures, effective counsel is essential. At Johnson Pope, we understand what is at risk and our lawyers become actively involved as early as possible in the process. Timing is critical in these situations, and if you fail to take appropriate action within the time limits, you may waive your right to respond.

Our Health Care Group provides hands-on advice and assistance to physicians, health care facilities and other health care businesses that have been targeted for investigations and audits. We are present when the auditor enters our clients’ offices and facilities, and we help our clients review medical records to make certain they are complying with all governmental requests. Our lawyers also carefully monitor the government’s actions and, should we determine that the government has exceeded its authority, we are prepared to take swift and aggressive measures to protect our clients’ rights.

When a health care client is questioned by the government in connection with billing practices, financial relationships, privacy and security issues, or other critical matters, our legal team has the skills and experience necessary to properly address the situation. We take the time to answer difficult questions and we provide clients with the sound and practical advice they need to make the right decisions for their organizations.

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