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As a result of Florida’s incredible growth, noise pollution has become a pervasive problem. Our firm has substantial experience in the field of noise regulation, having represented property owners, businesses and local governments in successfully dealing with noise and noise mitigation issues, including enforcement actions and litigation. Our firm is very experienced in the complex field of acoustics and presenting acoustic studies to developers and local governments in a concise and understandable manner.

Our firm has very diverse experience in this area including representation of entertainment vendors, local governments seeking to create and apply ordinances, developing ordinances, motor vehicle raceways, properties affected by U.S. Military airports, and commercial and residential developments. Notably, in a recent case, our firm’s efforts resulted in successfully defending our client in an enforcement action where a Court found an ordinance to be unconstitutional.

Our experience can assist our clients in dealing with the following:

  • Assisting businesses and property owners in defending enforcement actions by local governments.
  • Consulting with various businesses concerning utilization of acoustical techniques to eliminate or mitigate the generation of noise.
  • Assisting local governments in the preparation of noise ordinances that will sustain legal challenges.
  • Assisting local governments in the enforcement of noise ordinances, including coordination with leading experts in the field of acoustical engineering.
  • Consulting with local governments in the training of personnel to properly use equipment and interpret its data.

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