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Resolving Contract and Construction Defect Disputes

Johnson Pope’s Construction Law Practice is well situated to resolve a wide array of contract and construction defect disputes. Our lawyers represent a vast variety of clients ranging from large general contractors and subcontractors to small businesses and individual homeowners. We have a depth of experience handling controversies involving all sizes and types of projects, from large scale construction to homebuilding and remodeling.

At Johnson Pope, our Construction Law group is comprised of a team of skilled negotiators and litigators who know the construction industry. Several of our attorneys have worked in the industry, giving us both the technical know-how and inside familiarity with day-to-day business operations. We combine these backgrounds with an advanced understanding of the law to vigorously represent our clients in negotiations, mediations, arbitration hearings and state and federal court.

Handling a Diverse Range of Construction Contract Disputes

The attorneys in our group understand that contract disputes can be very costly and time-consuming for our clients. When conflicts and issues surface in connection with construction-related contracts, we work closely with our clients to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. When property is tied up in a lengthy legal dispute, all parties to the project can suffer significant financial losses.

In the state of Florida, disputes concerning project payments and construction liens can be very complex. Florida’s Construction Lien Law (Chapter 713, Part 1 of the Florida Statutes) sets forth very detailed notice and recording requirements that must be met in connection with the issuance of a construction lien. Our attorneys have a firm understanding of this highly technical statute and are well-positioned to both prosecute and defend construction lien claims.

Beyond payment and collection matters, we also handle many other types of contractual disputes, including copyright claims involving the use of plans developed by architects and design groups.

Construction Defect Disputes

A significant portion of our practice is devoted to handling matters involving construction defect claims. These types of cases can encompass a broad range of issues, from failing to comply with applicable building codes, to performing work outside of the scope of the project, to warranty and repair issues. Our lawyers are very familiar with building code requirements and the laws and regulations governing construction projects. Whether we are defending a contractor facing a construction defect claim or representing a property owner who has sustained a loss, we draw upon our knowledge of the law and the industry to build the strongest case possible for our clients.

Oftentimes in construction defect claim cases, disputes between contractors and subcontractors will surface and insurance contracts will come into play. The attorneys in our practice group and throughout our firm have deep experience resolving coverage-related disputes with insurance companies. We carefully review the language of the policy to determine if the defect claim is covered and will take aggressive action to obtain payment from the insurance carrier.

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