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Providing Full-Service Representation in Construction Law Matters

The attorneys in our Construction Law Practice deliver comprehensive representation to contractors, developers, owners, design professionals, businesses and other entities operating across the construction industry. Our lawyers are actively involved throughout the entire lifespan of the project – from the initial planning, to financing and construction, to building completion. We draw upon our depth of experience in all aspects of construction law to provide our clients with the representation they need to protect both their legal rights and their bottom lines.

Partnering with Our Clients to Ensure Successful Project Outcomes

At Johnson Pope, we aim to develop strong partnerships with our clients from the very outset of the project. Our lawyers advise clients on a wide range of organizational matters, from how to structure their companies, to developing asset protection measures, to securing proper insurance coverage.

Once a construction project surfaces, we work directly with our clients to ensure that appropriate safeguards are put into place to address potential risks and exposures. We focus on making certain that the legal documents include specific provisions and conditions relating to project timing, payment and billing, lien rights, inspections, damages and other matters critical to the successful outcome of the project.

When construction is complete and we are representing the contractor, we will take the appropriate steps to ensure that our client receives payment for services in a timely manner. If our client is the real estate owner, we will carefully review all angles of the project to ensure our client has received everything promised before releasing final payments.

Unfortunately, despite the strongest protections, there are times when a project will go wrong and legal disputes will surface. When this occurs, our attorneys are well positioned to navigate our clients through the dispute. Since we are actively involved from the very beginning of a project, we know how the project was structured and can quickly develop plans and strategies aimed at resolving the situation in the most favorable manner possible.

Utilizing an Interdisciplinary Approach to Meet Diverse Client Needs

Time is everything in the construction industry, and at Johnson Pope, we are committed to settling disputes quickly, before they escalate into serious problems that need to be resolved in litigation. We recognize, however, that in certain situations, taking the matter to arbitration, mediation or court may be the best option for our client. In these cases, the litigators in our Construction Law Practice often collaborate with attorneys in our Civil Litigation Group to aggressively advocate for our clients at every phase of the proceedings.

Johnson Pope’s interdisciplinary approach to the practice of law also ensures that our clients have access to a team of experienced attorneys working across a full range of legal disciplines. This means that regardless of the types of problems that may arise during the course of your construction project, we have lawyers in-house who can find the right solutions for you.

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