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Brandon Bellew Represents an Elderly Exploitation Victim

By Brandon D. Bellew | Categories: Articles, Trusts & EstatesPrint PDF February 2015

Attorneys for Pasco County scamming victim, suspects vow to resolve case
By Chip Osowski

Attorneys for both an 81-year-old woman scammed out of her home and the mother-daughter duo accused of the crime vow the case will be resolved.

Deputies say Cecilia Dellavecchia and her daughter Bianca stole thousands of dollars, personal belongings and even a house from Arlene Calvin. The Dellavecchias were charged with theft and exploitation of the elderly.

The attorney representing Calvin, Brandon Bellew, filed civil papers to prevent the Dellavecchias from selling the home.

“Our main concern is really just recovering enough of Ms. Calvin’s assets to put her back in a position that she was in before any of this ever happened,” Bellew said. “Every personal belonging that she had is still in that house … all her personal memorabilia, pictures, everything.”

Bellew said he’ll turn to legal action if Calvin’s belongings are not returned to her in a timely fashion.

Attorney Andrew Coviello is representing the Dellavecchias in the criminal case. He claims it was all a mistake.

“This is a complete and total misunderstanding,” Coviello said.
He said he’s working to return Calvin’s assets.  

”We’re attempting to, yes.  And I think it will.  I know my clients want to make sure she’s happy.  They don’t want any harm to come to her,” Coviello said.

Since their arrest, Cecilia and Bianca Dellavecchia have bonded out of jail, each posting a $105,000 bond.

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